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Mru Patel Coaching, Mentoring, Bootcamp, Workshop and MasterclassServices Programs

I Help "Multiply your personal Performance and your Business in Record Time"; by finding the G spot 2 Success as per my best selling books.Its all about finding your Greatness spot and then executing upon it.

My 100% Innovative Serial Entrepreneur money back Guarantee.

All Programmes have the following setup

1)I have a Book/presentations,plus Workbook for all the below.

2)Sales Page-5 Minute Video on website

3) 20 Minute Pitch . Summary based on Page and Book.

4)1 Hour free webinar

5)30mins skype call consultation (various modules split recorded)

6) 3 hour Program ( teaser and basics)

7)1 Day Program. Fast Track Masterclass

8)2 Day Masterclass Workshop

9)VIP Senior Level Entrepreneurs. MasterMind Club ( 2 days Program )

10)Weekend and 3-4 day detailed workshop with exercises and video

11) Online video tips and tricks video training available too

1.EntrepreneurSHIPMasterClass - This is Also Beneficial for Corporates (Developing Intrapreneurs and Business)

These are some of the Topics covered in Brief or Detailed based on the Interest and duration of the training be it 1hr, 3hr, 1day , 2 days or 4days workshop.

2. Presentation and Communication for Maximum Impact

3.Communicating with impact in the modern Digital age globally

4.How to get Branded

5.Holistic Health and Wellness

1. Success and Balanced lifestyle model

2. Setting Goals and how to achieve them

3. Prevention vs cure

4. Body detox and rebalance program

5. Benefits of Raw diet

6. Benefits of a healthy mind and brain wiring system

7. The power of attitude and focus

8. Creating a fearless and self belief system

9. Personal Transformation for an HABIT to be and stay healthy

10. Anti ageing secrets of Asia

11. Body rebalance retreat

12. Weight management and BMI, Visceral fat, immune system rebalance