The 3M Show

Mru Patel is releasing his 30+ Video Lessons & Book bonuses program; The 3M Show - Mru's Minute Mentoring, to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to learn in their own time with the supplemental benefit of goal worksheets, free copies of his latest books, eBook reports and webinars.

Do you want to learn to rebrand yourself and make an immense impact on those around you? For just 45 Euros you can get instant access to a Mentoring course which can take you to your next level within a few weeks!

Mru Patel has created a new digital training course,'My Minute Mentoring' -- The 3M Show! -- covering the skills and techniques needed to create a successful balanced lifestyle.It's packed with 30+ Video Modules focusing on guiding you to a personal development and transformation, via his unique systems and resources including eBooks, Goal Worksheets and Video Workshops.

1. Intro to the 3M Show

2. Personal Performance Development

1.Addressing Your Fears

2. How To Live a Fulfilled Balanced Life

3. Believe in Yourself

4. Taking Courage

5. Focus (1/5)

6. Focus (2/5)

7. Focus (3/5)

8. Focus (4/5)

9. Focus (5/5)

10. Is Life Black & White?

11. Holistic Approach to Personal Transformation

12. Personal Transformation (1/3)

13.Personal Transformation (2/3)

14.Personal Transformation (3/3)

15.Positive Thinking

16. Sharing & Being a Team Player

17. State of Mind Video Workshop

3.Developing Key Skills


2.Building Energy

3.Developing Key Skills

4.Practise is Key

5. Habits to Adopt

6.TEDx Talk on Adopting Change

4. Setting & Achieving SmartER Goals

1. Goals Intro

2. How to Reach your goal

3. How to achieve success

4.Smarter goals

5. Stretch yourself

6. Top 3 reasons for failing to hit goals

Plus eBook Bonuses ( SmartER Goals eBook, Fast Track Your Business to Success, Wheel of Balance, Art & Science of Success Chapter and more!)

Mru Patel is a Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, and a Success Coach & Mentor, having lived and worked in 4 continents with 30+ years of Global experience in multiple corporates as well as his own businesses.

His vast experience includes Blue Chip organizations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Siemens as well as founding companies and investment funds in a variety of different industries. He also has a successful track record investing in various real estate projects in Europe, UK, USA & India, and after detailed research into the EU emerging markets, Romania.

"What's Holding You Back From Progressing to Your Next Goal?! In the spirit of Black Friday I want to offer you 3 of my newest and most popular unique modules, on Personal Transformation , Developing Key Skills, and Setting SmartER Goals, for just 29 Euros! Why am I doing this? I want to get as many people as possible to take courage and improve their skills and develop as I have a passion to help hard working Individuals meet their goals."- Mru Patel.

His current goal is to inspire a new generation of budding entre(& intra)preneurs by helping them Pump Up their income, wealth and productivity and his specialty lies with helping people to Fast Track Their Business To Success (as per his book title) and multiply their personal performance and business in record time."

This 30+ Video and Book program features modules on Personal Performance Development, Developing Key Skills and SmartER Goals and will be your personal step by step guide to re-innovating and rejuvenating your goals, methods, mind-set and career!

This Limited Time Offer also includes the FULL version of Mru Patel's upcoming Entrepreneurship book, Personal Goal Sheets, his Chapter on Passion & Success, the FULL SmartER Goals eBook, Mru's Happiness Balance Wheel of Life formula, Business Planning Canvas Model, a Video Workshop and access to an exclusive interactive Webinar!

Use these resources and tools to take action towards your goals to see real success and progress.