Entrepreneurs find themselves spending a lot of time raising funds from different capital investors. We agree that this is an important activity, but the founders should also dedicate time to finding a good mentor. Having a good mentor is simple strategy that can increase your start up odds of success more than almost anything else.

Mru Patel uses his talents to the fullest, creating a sustainable relationship because mentorship is not limited to entrepreneurship; it also helps to improve the performance of the founder.


Entrepreneurs stay in the start-up mode approach and mentality too long. Keeping a tiny business in start-up mode needs you to face up to applying some brakes. If you continue telling folks you are "just a start-up,"you may never take actions for real growth. Mentally you stay in startup mode by using that as an excuse not to progress.

Mru Patel will help you evaluate, delegate, play where you can win, get exposure, create your superb elevator pitch and ensure your speed of execution.

Mru Patel also has a full team dedicated to creating and growing businesses, with all departments covered from legal to taxing and auditing.

The team, EPIS SRL, alongside its' partners and affiliates also offer a wide range of business services and assistance in all areas.

EPIS SRL already manages 20 small-medium sized companies under its portfolio for financial and operational management.

Our mission is to share our knowledge and expertise in the most efficient way possible, and provide our clients with a personal, professional, and competitively priced,business management service.

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