Private Consulting With Mru

How big of leap do you want to make in your business and your life?

When you require top level advice and action planning for your business or personal life, private consultation with a proven experienced mentor is always going to be your wisest choice.

Whether it's confidence, public speaking, business planning, marketing, sales, product or even financing or any other critical aspect of your business a private consultation with Mru Patel will give you a different new perspective on your issues alongside proven strategies and Smarter goals to ensure you reach your goals.

As an entrepreneur you have the ability to transform your vision into reality for your business and your personal life.

Many business professionals and CEO's reach a level where they are satisfied for a short period of time only they reach a level of success that becomes more and more difficult to advance past. If you feel like there is a roof above your progress then Mru Patel's unique techniques can help you break through towards your maximum potential. feels like your business and life are running you, rather than you running it. You need to learn to be ON the business and not in it.

If you are ready to seriously catapult your success and income, while increasing your skillset and morale, Mru Patel is ready to lead the way with private one-on-one mentoring.

Mru Patel works closely with you on all phases from:


Creative brainstorming

Entrepreneurial Mindset Practices

Growth Strategy


Financial planning


Time management

Product development and launch

Life balance and fulfillment

After receiving 1 on 1 coaching from Mru Patel you will go away with a new mindset, a mindset which coupled with your entrepreneurial spirit will take you further in life than previously thought possible. You will ;