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Firstly, well done! Why? You're taking a step forward and are actively looking for solutions and that fact alone puts you way ahead of the curve. The majority of people wish they could change something about their life, but that's usually as far as it goes. We all know that wishing and dreaming doesn't change anything. However, those with the courage to invest their time into making a better reality,the possibilities are limitless. Success isn't just for world leaders, CEOs, and celebrities. Success is also for parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, directors of non-profits, lawyers, administrative assistants ..

Check out my long distance coaching packages below and see what resonates with you. If you have a goal or challenge that you want to discus, I am more than happy to talk about it with you, drop me an e-mail today!

I coach and consult with individuals in one-on-one and group formats, as well as with corporations and organizations, to help each individual and each organization find balance, success and joy at home, in business, and in life. I've done it for others, and I can do it for you.

Mru Patel Coaching

Whether you're an experienced pro who is trying to take your business to a higher level or you're just getting things going, business mentoring and business coaching can make smooth and quicken your path to the achievement of your goals.

The coaching experience is powerful for entrepreneurs because it accelerates their progress by opening up alternative perspectives they may have not considered, enabling more effective and creative choices, ensuring greater focus for their efforts and providing the structure and accountability for successful follow-through.


A holistic approach to teaching business and entrepreneurship, aiming at the same time knowledge, skills and attitude


Styles of Coaching:

Mru Patel combines all of the above to provide his own unique and successful coaching methods.

Some of the topics Mru Patel can coach you on :



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Would you let a blind man guide you across the Atlantic?

Why Everybody needs a Consultant or Mentor.

I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 15, selling electronic gadgets at market stalls on weekends until I left University, when I started actively looking for success while dedicating myself to 2-3 jobs at a time. After 21 years in the corporate world I soon realized that I needed to capitalise and develop my passion for entrepreneurial skills outside the comfort of the corporate world on a full time basis rather than just a part time hobby, to take the ventures to a new level. Using the laws of attraction and my business planning / goal setting system, I managed to find my way to become a full time entrepreneur. I selected Romania (after detailed research) where I founded and headed a property investment fund, which we exited with over 300% return in just over 2 years. During the past 3 years, as well as investing in a variety of projects world-wide, I am a recognised market specialist in the Romanian Real Estate market, often speaking at major events organised by the market and the Chamber of commerce of Romania and Bucharest and I now focus on helping people Deliver Success From Within with my mentorship and coaching programs.

I have been trained and mentored by some of the industry leaders having worked in the IT sector for several years at senior levels, I was lucky to work with and be involved some of the major entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world including Steve Jobs, Scott McNealy, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates (to name a few) as well as world class mentors such as Tony Robbins, Raymond Aaron (from the movie the Secret-my coach), Bob Proctor etc, and I can honestly say that their time and advice has been priceless. Especially for entrepreneurs, it is always helpful to have a professional, experienced coach/mentor to assist in planning and taking action on any task. I am NOT a huge supporter for coaches with certification for hear sake, as these tend to be trained coaches and NOT with real life varied experiences and failures to talk about with personal fears, pain and solutions.

Romanians value education very highly, and rightfully so. The majority of people are not happy with one degree (which already is considered mandatory), but desire another degree or a Masters. This is a great thing and the results will show in the future of the country. Even with all the textbook knowledge, I receive numerous business plans submitted which are not fully defined. It is rare that I see extensive planning for re-innovation and re-invention.

A lot of people also find themselves hiring coaches, to guide them through specific issues, or help them get over certain hurdles. However I have noticed here in Romania that majority of coaches are relying more on their 'textbook' resources rather than real life experience and knowledge.I call them well trained (not educated through experiences). They have a tendency to look at it from the 'feeds and needs' angle, rather than the point of the client. It is more about their product, how good their services are, how famous they are- rather than a unique approach to each client with unique solutions to help double their business or survive better in such economic climate.

It is easy to promise short fast results with the same vague techniques, and constantly ask open ended questions until the client knows what they want. However, the client usually needs an innovative, uniqueapproach, that can help look into the past, become present and set a clear path to address the future. Choosing somebody with real life experiences, somebody who has failed and learnt and succeeded, will prove to be more efficient and trustworthy as they will be able to relate to the pain and problems better than a trained coach will little to no exposure on world solution apart from the limited local exposure.

How to find a good coach/mentor

Coaching in Romania is not very regulated. This doesn't mean that there are no standards, you as the consumer should know the details of your potential coach/mentor and to make sure the mentor is qualified not just certified. I am of the school that if I want entrepreneurial mentorship and have had the chances to be mentored by some of the people listed above, I would NOT ask for certification from them. The paper sometimes is NOT worth for what it is. Many of the worlds top entrepreneurs have their own mentors and these are NOT from certified coaches. Just because somebody calls themselves a coach does not mean they know the difference between consulting, mentoring, coaching, therapy and teaching.

Be sure your coach/mentor has real life experiences. Ask them questions, find out their successes and failures. I am a big fan of failure. I really believe that success doesn't happen without it- If you're not failing, you're not doing anything. All entrepreneurs have failed several times before making a success. You just got to look at the life and their path ranging from Steve Jobs to JK Rowling, no matter what industry you are in. The coach needs to be living proof that his strategies work and that they are masters of their own philosophy.

Define your vision, mission, fears, goals etc to your coach/mentor. Focus on results and be sure to be open and honest with them. Good coaches and mentors recognise the importance of emotions with respect to blockages that can make success elusive. Coaching and Mentoring also explores specific past issues that the coach can soundboard with the client, but the focus is always on moving forward.

If you really want somebody to change your life, and show you short and long term results, you need to find a coach who is also a mentor with their own experiences. A coach will not have anything emotional or precious on the line, whereas a mentor will hold your success in parallel with theirs.The difference between a coach and a mentor is that a coach provides assistance to the client in areas in which they may not have been trained or have experience, whereas a mentor has usually achieved such goals that are sought by the client. A good coach/mentor will not just give you the answers, as a consultant would, but would empower you to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the issue. A good coach/mentor will ensure that the client creates his/her own results.

One key tool which is used by all coaches and mentors is Goal Setting. It allows the client to specify what they want and how to get there.Having set and adapted my own system of SMARTER GOALS for over 20 years, in my experience, FEAR is often the biggest dream-killing suspect. Whether it's fear of success, fear of failure or fear of the unknown... if you're like so many of the people I talk to, your fear may be holding you back-not only from taking action, but from living a life you truly love.

Not all of us have the access to a coach or mentor; however it's important to know that this is vital for someone who wants to blossom in life. At least have somebody who can act as a soundboard, where you can release your blockages, your worries and where you can expect positive feedback and motivational approaches to your next step."Success breeds success"

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