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Official Bio:

Mru Patel is an experienced international entrepreneur as well as a best-selling author, business consultant, motivational speaker, workshop leader and EntrepreneurSHIP coach and mentor. The Founding CEO of EPIS, Shakti Holistic International and EPSG Fund, he has over 25years’ work experience with several Blue Chip organizations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Siemens as well as founding companies and investment funds in a variety of different industries. He also has a successful track record investing in various real estate projects. He has personally invested in, developed and portfolio managed real estate projects in investments and various technology startups in Europe, UK, USA & India, and after detailed research into the EU emerging markets, Mru established a real estate investment fund for Romania in June 2004 . Mru Patel is active on Entrepreneurship related activities in Public Speaking, Authoring, Branding and marketing as well as investing in start –up businesses that align with his passion and existing handful businesses (5) namely Real Estate Investments, Health and wellness, Internet Solutions, Business Consulting and Mentoring, and Authoring and publishing. His vision is to inspire a generation of entrepreneurs by helping them reach success in their field and to also improve today’s society by giving back. Mru Patel has unique proven mentoring techniques to help anyone get past all blockages and reach a whole body and work/life rebalance.

Read below in Mru Patel’s own words how he became an entrepreneur and how he was transformed by adding a holistic approach to business and life in a balanced formula to achieve maximum output in all aspects of life…



Being born in a family surrounded by entrepreneurs experience for over 3 generations, I guess I can say it’s in my blood. With nearly a personal 30 years’ experience and businesses as an entrepreneur in start-ups, Real Estate, Blue Chip IT companies, angel investments, stock trading and investing, internet solutions, Book Authoring and publishing, coaching and mentoring and health and wellness; I have unique offering to assist all those with business opportunities. That coupled with working with various sectors like Public sector, retail, finance, telecoms, technology, manufacturing to name but a few, My specialty lies with coaching/ mentoring, gaining new clients and increasing revenue and my work is always results-based. I have worked with small and large corporations to increase profits and realign business plans, and have set up several investment and start-ups of my own.

As a Youth…

I first realised I was also an entrepreneur like my family was when I was 12 making toys at my father’s steel and sheet metal factory in Kenya. I used to make these and sold or bartered them for other toys and money amongst friends and family. This quality then continued throughout my student and early stages of the career where I bought and sold gadgets, worked in a market stall and even did additional work to generate revenue to supplement the purchase of other items like records, music related equipment and sports equipment.

As a graduate from University of Brighton (UK), I soon bought my first business which was a run-down supermarket with additional land to build another shop and flats above which i turned round and sold off. All this was whilst I had a job in the IT industry.

The Entrepreneurial Leap...

I have since established successful businesses in real estate (including an investment fund in emerging markets in 2004), authoring and branding, personal transformation, health and wellness, business coaching and social media. I started with my own ventures and gained extensive experience with major blue chip organisations at various levels. To see some of the big names I worked with download my media profile below, and visit Mru In the Media.

Following 1.5 years of detailed research into EU emerging markets, I established a real estate investment fund for Romania in June 2004. I was responsible for deal sourcing, co-investing, operating and managing that fund as chairman/advisor to the fund and has since built significant asset base, deal flow, SPVs with project, market knowledge and contact networks.

I have and still do enjoy being a full time entrepreneur; it has allowed me to make businesses of all the things I am passionate about. I enjoy holding motivational and team building talks, as well as raising funds for my favourite Charities.

As an innovative multitasker, I am always working on multiple projects. I have a successful track record investing in various real estate investment projects, in the social media and health industry. I’ve personally invested in, developed and portfolio managed project in Europe, UK, USA, and India.

This philosophy of mine has been coined as my wheel of balance for happiness. To me, success is more about having that balance rather than just financial gains.

Through all the ventures and jobs I did before and during university, I saw that Experience was the best teacher. I had picked up several key skills and had taken several courses, which all helped me succeed in my 20+ years in the Corporate World. Working with some of the greatest industry leaders of the computing world, I managed multi million pound accounts and rode the initial wave of computing breakthroughs.

Even though I was succeeding and had job security, I still felt restless and felt my entrepreneurial calling getting louder. I had saved a fair amount of money and decided to do some high level research into emerging European markets. I chose Romania as it showed remarkable growth, and using the Laws of Attraction I took the risky leap and moved there to found my own investment fund.

After making great return of investments with several real estate projects in Romania I continued to angel invest and provide my services towards start-ups and budding young entrepreneurs. My passion areas also keep me busy, as I love going around the country giving keynotes and talks to those who can value.

My Holistic Story...

Many close friends and family members have noticed that I have made drastic changes in my lifestyle choices which have led to improved mental and physical health. Almost all of them have asked me: what prompted my transformation? Often it is hard to describe the many influences that motivated my transformation off the top of my head, so I have decided to detail it here.

My Lifestyle Before...

Since 2009 with the current recession and various people around me either fully affected, in denial mode, or just carrying on life as usual, especially the champagne and cigar lifestyle got me thinking about life! My business revenue (Real Estate) was virtually at stand still and my cash flow was being eaten up at an extraordinary rate. However I strongly believe the Real Estate market will rebound as it always does, largely due to the existing demand in Eastern Europe and an immature finance/mortgage structure.

I always have and always will keep a positive attitude and outlook on life because I thoroughly believe in the affect this can have on a person and especially a team.

My lifestyle was such that I recklessly ate and drank whatever I wanted and went clubbing at least four times a week. This was accompanied by the cigars, champagne, whisky, vodka lifestyle. In addition I was not getting more than 3 hours of sleep per night- for weeks at a time. My diet was moderately healthy most times, but consisted of non-veg foods on a daily basis (this was the case for the past 30+ years) For this, my friends often referred to me as a Masai (Local Kenyan Hunting tribe).

Both my sisters and mother are very strict vegans and spiritually involved in all sorts of activities, especially one of my sisters, who is a Yoga Guru with numerous rich and famous clients. My other sister is a Lawyer who also practices and teaches Yoga to clients and friends at the workplace in her spare time albeit hectic, but still found time to continue that. I never really listened to them and they practically gave up on me to change my habits.

The Turning Point

Until 9th April 2010, I was under tremendous pressures from work challenges, family life, social life, constant flying (over 90 flights a year). If at this point, someone had suggested that I do a vegetarian day with healthy eating, cut down on my drinking and smoking and go on a full body detox/re-balance with yoga and massages, I think I would’ve chuckled and thought: As if I look like the healthy detox and yoga sort of guy?! All of this is in spite of the constant exposure to such activities from my closest friends and family. I realized on that day what an ignorant thought that was.

Thankfully however I am a believer in tradition and culture and aware of things that people have seen and done from 1,000’s of years in India and across the east. Also, I have had the experience of meeting people who have actually stopped needing medications just from starting yoga and healthy eating. I am also fortunate to be an entrepreneur with a strong positive attitude, will power and belief in dreams and passionate about making new opportunities happen, i.e. not a disbeliever of something I know nothing about.

So, in April of 2010, at a 35 year reunion of school friends from Kenya (my hometown and birthplace) at my villa in Bucharest, one of my dear friends was the owner of a detox and body rebalance resort , suggested very strongly I enrol with them for a program, based on my hectic and reckless lifestyle, so I did.

In June I visited my friend at his health business and spa. It transformed my life and created a major turning point for me in ways that are countless to do justice to. I was also pleasantly surprised with all my tests proving myself to be healthy with majority of the major indicators like BMI, body fat, visceral fat, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels within the healthy bands. I would never have even used these medical terms in the past! However witnessing and acknowledging my hectic lifestyle as well as the eating, drinking and smoking habits and what it was doing to me in the long run, I decided to set some goals for myself and make that change!

The Realisation of Why I Should Change...

I soon realised why I actually went there and why I positively approached the whole program. It was because of the hate to take pills, go to hospitals, dentists etc. I have a very good/bad habit in that I hate visiting any medical place like doctors surgeries, hospitals, dentists etc. even when I was ill! An old colleague often said to me about my life priorities… I always put my personal health last. He often told me the obvious “without health you will not have a happy life or family or finance to enjoy what you like”. Hence my wakening call, albeit later in life, to change my life and address my hate for pills and hospitals as well as the life imbalance with lack of sleep, poor eating, smoking and drinking habits. I decided to take a proactive approach to achieve preventative care rather than my careless and reckless approach leading me back to the hospitals. I lost my ignorance and arrogance, and started taking my health more seriously. I accepted that I must take my health seriously and acknowledge the benefits of Yoga and regular exercise with a healthy diet on a timely basis.

At the body rebalance programme, what we did was balance of the mind, body, and soul. We learnt how to virtually switch off the digestive system and focus the mind on repairing the cells, tissues etc. The whole body was taken care of via a strict fruit, vegetable and supplements diet with lots of exercise, massages, yoga, detox drinks and colon cleanses twice daily. I lost 6 kg in 7 days as well as 6 years of my internal biological age, and one point off my visceral fat at the end of the programme.

It made me feel so relaxed, fit, calm, energised, focused, educated about the whole body in terms of diet, internal system and functions and re-balanced myself. I was so impressed with this life change that I decided to take this business seriously and start up a similar business with my friend (the owner of the resort) in Eastern Europe.

I then started the process to begin a health supplement business based in Eastern Europe but selling worldwide (Shakti Holistic) in 2011. I have been studying the teachings of general health and wellness, as well as yoga and meditation intensely, and have acquired the relevant experts to allow us to spread mind and body balance in the easiest and best possible way. Who would have dreamt I would make this drastic and abrupt u-turn in life?!

How Have I Progressed and Changed Since 2011?

I also went on various life coaching boot camps and seminars and looked exactly at why it is important to go through personal transformation. So, what does it take? A maximum of 30 minutes of simple and exceedingly powerful yoga practices. This is the training I did for simple breathing exercises and yoga stretches at least once in every two days. Just for 30 minutes, and the benefit – immense. Since my return from the detox spa, I have maintained my body fats, visceral fat, weight, and BMI.

I have not stopped my hectic lifestyle by any means as business never sleeps, but have cut down the excessiveness immensely. I believe everything in small doses is okay; the key is “everything in moderation”. I use the ‘small and often’ strategy for every meal, lots of fluids and herbal/green teas starting from morning to night (especially with meals rather than water/cold drinks). No meals late at night especially pastas, meats etc. Have a veggie day once a week if possible or at least small portion of fish that day, cut down on the cigars and shishas, as well as the drinks for at least 6 months, but not stopped completely. Lots of salads, raw fruits and vegetables, as well as oily fish in the diet cutting down on red meats (but not stopped).

The yoga and meditation sessions I follow have a simple mission – to empower me to enjoy life, not endure it. It has to do with YOU, not the faith you follow. Personal Transformation does exactly what it says, transforms your attitude, skills and energy into a way of being you never imagined before. Everything I have learnt on my holistic journey has further improved my own Business and Entrepreneurial BootCamps and Retreats and allowed me to provide genuine passion into my holistic venture.

I always had a coach and mentor and for a long time I kept asking myself the question: “What did I need from a coach or consultant, when I was Managing Director of a business which I grew from nothing to be an international business entrepreneur?”

Every major player or Entrepreneur has a coach and mentor. The answer to that is simple: I needed to understand what I did not know, overcome my fears and self limiting beliefs which boosted my confidence but I also needed to apply what I knew. However interestingly enough, at the time I thought I knew it all, did not believe I had any fears or limiting beliefs and was applying everything I knew! I also needed someone who had been there, seen it, done it, got the scars as well as successes and got the video and T-shirt.

Through my mentoring and coaching methods you will see that the holistic approach to life can intertwine fantastically with entrepreneurship and if coupled correctly will surely help you find your G Spot 2 Success.

One of my latest talk at Business Days Timisoara 2014!