I am a big believer in the fact that if you give and share with others, without any expectations for any personal gain, the more will come back around to you.

I strongly believe, that you find a lot of expats over the world that provide to their home countries' charities or their favourites, however when you go to another country where it's obvious that help is needed , it's important to contribute locally as well. I also contribute to various charities in Africa and Cancer research.I urge everybody in Romania to give something back to the local society!

I enjoy taking part in all kinds of fund-raisers and am also involved in numerous other local charities such as The LetcaNoua Church, Projects in Kenya and Cancer charities and others seen in the gallery below.

Here are some of my top charities that I focus on with details of the charity and how you can get involved inside.

About Charities

The Presidents Sporting Club

The Presidents Sporting Club/ Essex Disabled Sports Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1001176), has now raised well over pound 1.5 million which has been donated to schools and organizations, such as Riding for Disabled to provide sporting facilities and opportunities for disabled children.

The Presidents Sporting Club/ Essex Disabled Sports Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1001176), has now raised well over pound 1.5 million which has been donated to schools and organizations, such as Riding for Disabled to provide sporting facilities and opportunities for disabled children.

The money raised is used to provide sports equipment, coaching and tuition, the hire of sports halls and the funding of outings and adventure type holidays.

Taking part in sport increases the children's self confidence, physical development and self esteem and helps them meet challenges that they may face later in life.

Frank Bruno MBE has been the President of the Club for over twenty years and supports all of our events if he is able to do so.

Ovidiu Rom

AsociatiaOvidiuRo's co-founders, Romanian teacher Maria Gheorghiu and American volunteer Leslie Hawke, observed first hand that if poor children weren't exposed to early learning opportunities, most never caught up to the other children. Their experience in the field beginning in 2001 made it blatantly clear what international research reveals: early education has the highest return on investment of any poverty intervention.

The body of research on brain development shows that impoverished early experience has severe and long-lasting detrimental effects on later intellectual capabilities. Thus, money spent later in the process is largely futile unless the child has first had the benefit of early mental stimulation.

The program FiecareCopil in Gradinita was launched by OvidiuRo and the Ministry of Education in September 2010. It led to a spectacular increase in the number of poor children enrolled in AND attending preschool & kindergarten on a daily basis. AsociatiaOvidiuRo's long-term goal is to make early education standard public policy in Romania - because an educated workforce is vital to the country's economic future.


ZambetsiSuflet( which translates into Smiles and Souls) is the charity of Cabral and AndreeaIbacka. Visit their website today and remember to share with your friends and family. Donate as much as you can to the charities, it goes a long way.

The profits of The Art and Science of Success went towards ZambetsiSuflet, with goals of buying a new transport van as well as more donations.

They are a group of people who direct their energies and resources in several directions:

- Humanitarian cases of children who come from families with problems.

- Children in orphanages.

- Elderly in nursing homes.

- Fund-raising for sick children in need of money for treatment in the country or abroad.

They do a fantastic job with a variety of different causes.

Oameni, suflete, zambete.Activitati, implicare, reusita.Zambetsisuflet.

United Way

United Way Romania is a Romanian foundation, registered under Romanian law in June 2004 and affiliated with United Way Worldwide, USA. It is an independent body, separately incorporated and governed by local volunteers.

Their vision is of strong, supportive communities committed to helping people reach their potential.And the mission is to improve the quality of life in Romanian communities through individual giving, corporate giving, and volunteerism.


To involve an increasing number of companies and individuals in corporate social responsibility activities, philanthropy and volunteerism.

To contribute to the strengthening and consolidation of Romanian civil society, especially social services NGOs, in order to promote self-sustainability and to be able to offer higher quality services to members of our community.

To promote transparency and professionalism.

To support governmental institutions in their efforts to build civil society and prosperous communities.

Hospice Casa Sperantei

Hospice Casa Sperantei is one of the charities I chose to donate proceeds to for the sale of The Art and Science of Success. Their mission is to introduce and develop palliative care services in Romania for terminally ill people and to promote the services to a national scale through educational programs, awareness programs and advocacy.


We believe that that any person who is diagnosed with a terminal disease in an advanced stage has the right to quality treatment to have his sufferance alleviated, to have the uncomfortable symptoms controlled and to have the rest of his days less painful. In order that this wish becomes reality it is very important that all patients, along with their families, have access when needed to good palliative care services that guide them during hard times.

There are many ways in which you can help Hospice Casa Sperantei other than direct donations.

Blue Heron Foundation

Blue Heron Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity operated in the US and in Romania, is dedicated to improving the quality of life of Romanian orphaned and abandoned children and providing them with greater access to life's opportunities.

The name, which in Native American symbolism stands for "inner reflection and active manifestation of one's spiritual path", mirrors the founder's inner journey at a time when she decided to give back to the less fortunate children left behind in Romania.

The foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life of Romania's orphaned and abandoned children by providing them with greater access to life's opportunities through college education, a mentorship program and additional educational courses. By doing this, Blue Heron helps change public image, decrease discrimination as well as increase their chances of successfully integrating in society and becoming self-sufficient, productive adults.