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Fast Track Your Business To Success

Do you find you are struggling with a blueprint on how to setup and grow your business fast? The much-awaited book Fast Track your Business to Success lives up to its expectation of being an all-inclusive text on ‘How to do build the coveted business of your dreams’. When it comes to entrepreneurship books, time will separate the wheat from the chaff. Mru Patel has put together a timeless piece that will inspire generations to come! ‘Raymond Aaron’, NY Times Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker & as seen on the Movie 'The Secret' If you are jostling the market challenges, wondering how to innovate and evolve your business, failing to achieve productivity and results or unable to manage the stress of starting a business, then you have picked the right tool for yourself to read, act upon and evolve from! You will have to be ready to have a high level, honest and critiquing look at yourself and your business/services and be prepared to take action on the steps you can create for yourself using this book. You will understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, the core qualities that make them successful and all the factors that make them fail. You will be able to look at the various aspects of your business through a more rigorous lens to understand the gaps and strategies to overcome shortfalls. This book goes a step further to unfold the anatomy of not only business but also the entrepreneurs or the successful business owners. I envisage even business coaches and academics to also draw on the concepts in the book to benefit in their practice and study. The concepts, tips, exercises and worksheets can be easily applied to your specific domains and niches. Current or aspiring entrepreneurs, small or big business owners, business/executive coaches, students, academics, executives and entire business fraternity will immensely benefit from this book. There is something for everyone here!Mru Patel is a Best Selling Author, Public Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur. He is the author of the popular titles ‘7 day body Rebalance juice fast program, ‘The Art and Science of Success’ , and ‘Setting Smarter Goals’. A graduate from University of Brighton (UK), he has established successful businesses in real estate, personal transformation, health and wellness, business coaching and social media.In this fast changing and hyper-competitive world, there’s only one thing that can keep your business’ bottom-line breathing – YOU! Being a leader you need to devise a winning game plan that can not only beat the competition but revolutionize the market dynamics. Are you doing that? In Fast Track your Business to Success, Mru Patel gives the reader the opportunity to explore different facets of business together. From feasibility analysis of business opportunities, defining competitive advantage, and marketing / branding strategies to hiring / retaining talent, financial planning and performance measurement this book reveals it all. Mru Patel shares his first-hand experiences and learning about how the visionary leadership, smartER goal setting, emotional intelligence and innovation-driven approach can be utilized to transform the destiny of any organization, irrespective of size. The book also features: A fantastic foreword by NY Times Top 10 Best Selling Author Raymond Aaron! A special section on biographies of all-time favourite leaders like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg boosts the morale to fight all odds. The interesting ‘Point to Ponder’ dispersed throughout the length of the book will force you to think out of the box. It is a must-read for anyone who wish to become a successful entrepreneur, launch a new business venture, grow their profits 10X, overcome challenges and seek a work-life balance.

Book Author:Mru Patel
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