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PROVEN STRATEGIES FROM TODAY'S LEADING EXPERTS TO ELEVATE YOUR LIFE"THE ART & SCIENCE OF SUCCESS" VOLUME 4 HIT #5 IN GLOBAL MARKETING AND #2 IN WORK LIFE BALANCE CATEGORIES ON AMAZON!MRU PATEL, FEATURED AS ONE OF TODAY'S LEADING EXPERTS IN "THE ART & SCIENCE OF SUCCESS, VOLUME 4" HAS JUST BECOME A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR!The Art and Science of Success Volume 4 is a collection of some of the greatest success minds of our time. Mru Patel teamed up with Matt Morris ; six time bestselling author including his #1 bestselling titles,to bring you the insights, principles and proven strategies from some of the greatest success minds of our time. His companies have generated tens of millions of dollars with well over 100,000 customers in 190 countries around the world. As a dynamic speaker, best-selling author and young success story, Matt has been featured on national and international radio and television and has addressed audiences of tens of thousands of people in over 20 countries around the world.

These authors are sharing their secrets to financial freedom, unprecedented personal success and unlimited human potential. This book will undoubtedly uplift, empower and motivate you to take action to fulfill all your dreams. These are today's leading experts who have contributed to this book:

Fatmatta Boie-Kamara

Kevin Bushey

Mru Patel,Gabriella DArko

Stephanie Davis

Elisabeth Fitzgerald

Dr. Andy Fuehl

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