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  • Do you feel stuck and that something is holding you and your business back? Can't figure out what it is?
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  • What if you could have a proven blue print to ensure your business is setup with a solid foundation of my 4 pillars and 6 Strategies GSpot 2 Success...


Hi I'm Mru Patel, the Innovative Serial Entrepreneur! Entrepreneurship runs through my DNA with my all of my family being business entrepreneurs, I was exposed to all aspects from the beginning. Hence seeing various successes and failures around me and my own experiences in my own businesses have earned me right to now teach my clients. With a firing passion for helping and mentoring entrepreneurs and startups, having seen how essential it is to get the right knowledge and tools in the genesis of my own ventures.click here to read more

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    Do you find you are struggling with a blueprint on how to setup and grow your business fast? The much-awaited book Fast Track your Business to Success lives up to its expectation of being an all-inclusive text on ‘How to do build the coveted business of your dreams’. When it comes to entrepreneurship books, time will separate the wheat from the chaff. Mru Patel has put together a timeless piece that will inspire generations to come!

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    The Art and Science of Success Volume 4 is a collection of some of the greatest success minds of our time. Mru Patel teamed up with Matt Morris ; six time bestselling author including his #1 bestselling titles, to bring you the insights, principles and proven strategies from some of the greatest success minds of our time. His companies have generated tens of millions of dollars with well over 100,000 customers in 190 countries around the world. As a dynamic speaker,

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    Mru Patel, an expert on creating success, is a co-author for the recent best-selling book, The Art & Science of Success Volume 4, Proven Strategies From Today’s Leading Experts. On February 10, 2012, this book hit #4 in Global Marketing and #2 in Work Life Balance categories on Amazon.The book is the fourth volume in the best-selling series of The Art & Science of Success. In addition to Mru Patel, essays from Matt Morris, Adam Holland, Andy Fuehl and Matthew

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